Here is a little sample of My Family Tale

Tatham Smith Family Tale



This book is dedicated to my babies Jamie and Emma.

Jamie says this book inspires him to be a book

writer. Emma says she is already a book writer.





On a bright chilly day far, far away in a breezy place called 

Aberdeen, Scotland a bonny bairn laddie was born. This

rascally baby boy was so playful that they knew he would never

grow up, so they named him Peter, like Peter Pan. Peter said

"awk aye" in a land where they knew what that meant. He was

surrounded by purple heather, rolling hills, thistles, bagpipes,

family, and friends. Peter kicked soccer balls, hit table tennis

balls with paddles, and played all day.



All the way over on the other side of the world a beautiful

little girl name Carol was being born in a warm and

happy place called San Diego, California.

The sun shown on her cheeks and she wiggled her toes

in the sand. Carol did 1000 cartwheels and

50 back handsprings... in a row! Carol grew up to be

kind hearted, clever, and strong.







One day a good fairy whispered in Carol's ear... the good fairy

said "Prague". Like a butterfly to Mexico, Carol made her way

to the mysterious medieval land called Prague. Prague had old 

buildings in many colors, cobblestones, puppets, and a river

running through it. Carol knew she was supposed to be there

but she did not know why. For years and years Carol did back

bends, ate smazeny syr, danced, and waited to find out why the

fairy had whispered in her ear.