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Your Family Fairy Tale


Books That Show How Much You Care

by Tatham Smith


You can have an entirely one of a kind, hand made book, with original

artwork, made for you, your children, and your family. 

Give your chid a story that contributes to them feeling good about



The Family Fairy Tale is a bound hardback book that tells your unique

beautiful story of how your family came to be and who your children are.

Each book is illustrated with original artwork.


Contact Tatham at:

 646 662 3133



I started doing these books after I heard a story on NPR about how children thrive when they have a nice family story. There are many different kinds of families. Whether the family has same sex parents, an adopted child, a lost parent, a traditional base, or so many other possibilities, the family has a story. When the family story is told in a positive memorable way children feel proud of themselves and where they come from. When the children have a happy story that tells how they came to be and how there  family formed they grow stronger and succeed better well into their future. These stories help to create pride about one’s family and one’s self. This pride becomes a part of who the people in the story are and helps to build a stronger foundation from which to grow into healthy adults. 


Contact Tatham with questions or to arrange a meeting to discuss beginning your family fairy tale.

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